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German Cockroaches in Maidstone

German cockroach

Cockroach invasion 

Ms Lay, a resident of an apartment block in Maidstone, contacted Dawson’s Australia as soon as she saw a little brown cockroach in her kitchen in the middle of the day. Once the Dawson’s help desk operator heard this, they knew that Ms Lay had German cockroaches. Cockroaches are typically nocturnal so if Ms Lay saw one during the day, that could mean that she could have hundreds if not thousands living in her apartment.

Cockroach treatment

The Dawson’s Pest Control Technician arrived shortly and begun carrying out their inspection. The Technician confirmed that Ms Lay did indeed have German cockroaches once they found an abundance of German cockroach egg cases, shed skins and droppings under the sink, beneath the hot water unit (pictured above).

Cockroaches lay eggs in a capsule that contains up to 40 eggs inside, this is called an ootheca. Most cockroach species immediately release this, however, German cockroaches carry the ootheca until just before it hatches. Other signs of German cockroaches include:

  • an oily, musty odour
  • cockroach droppings (may look like ground pepper or coffee)
  • a number of smaller cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom or dead roaches.

German cockroach egg

Once the Technician confirmed an infestation, Ms Lay immediately gave the approval to proceed with treatment. Treatment of the German Cockroach infestation included treating all of the skirtings, cracks, crevices and harbourage areas. 

The Dawson’s Pest Technician explained to Ms lay that German cockroaches weren’t just in Maidstone, but this pest had invaded all over Victoria, and that in most cases we bring them into our own homes! They like our homes almost as much as we do, with endless food and warm damp areas to rest our homes are the perfect breeding grounds for this insect.

German cockroach

The Dawson’s Technician explained to Ms Lay that she can help to keep her home cockroach-free by keeping the floor, stove and benchtops free from food scraps and crumbs and checking all boxes, crates and food packages that she brings into her home for cockroaches and their egg cases.

If you have seen signs of German cockroaches on your property call us on (03) 9222 2266 and speak with one of our excellent customer service team members to answer any questions or arrange a cockroach control treatment. Contact us today!


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