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Have You Booked Your Commercial Pest Control Service For 2022?

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Is it necessary to add pest control to your maintenance budget EVERY year? It’s more important than you think. Many companies have suffered the consequences—from costly shutdowns to embarrassing reviews—all because of tiny creatures like rats or cockroaches.

The advice below is not only relevant for establishments working with consumables, like restaurants. All companies need to consider this and why commercial pest control is important.

To make sure you’re compliant and maintain a safe environment, here’s what you need to know about pest control for your company and why you’ll be glad you booked that pest inspection this year.


Pest Control—Why No Commercial Property Owner Can Ignore it

The need for pest control may seem obvious for anyone working with food but there are many more scenarios where companies need the assistance of pest control experts. From protecting your reputation to preventing financial loss.

Have you thought of the following risks and what they could do to your business?

  • An infestation of any kind of pest can cause health risks because pests like rats carry a host of bacteria and diseases.
  • Pests can cause damage to your merchandise, no matter what industry you’re in. Even an animal that’s seemingly harmless, such as birds, can result in disaster if their droppings or other waste end up in your goods.
  • Property damage is a common concern with a variety of pests. This can lead to unnecessary repairs and even downtime if areas become unfit for use.
  • If word gets out about your challenges with pests, you risk your brand image being tarnished.
  • You can’t risk pests affecting one of your personnel, a client or anyone visiting your premises. A bite from a rat or health issues because of unhygienic spaces create an unhealthy work environment and be harmful to your operations and reputation.

In any of the scenarios above you run the risk of losses when you face shutdowns or other factors that could affect your bottom line. This shows the value of doing regular checks and allowing experts like Dawson’s Australia to guide you in maintaining a pest-free environment.


Pest Control Options

Don’t simply wait until there’s a problem and then call the first pest control vendor you can find. A carefully planned preventative approach to pest control will save you money and protect your name.

Who Can You Trust?

Firstly, when you organise your pest control services, make sure to pick the right provider. Trusted experts like Dawson’s Australia have the necessary experience, equipment and relevant licenses enabling us to use the right pesticides and methods to your benefit.

The pest control company you use should also have a history of tending to matters on a commercial premises like yours. Different industries may have unique requirements and challenges when it comes to pest control. Dawson’s Australia has assisted industries ranging from logistics to healthcare and even airports, we can tailor our pest control services to your industry.

Identifying Pests Quickly

Unfortunately, many pests are good at hiding so you may only notice their tell-tale signs once they’ve established themselves somewhere on your property. Call experts as soon as you notice something, even if you’re not sure there’s a real threat.

Experts will quickly discern whether there’s a pest problem and the appropriate actions to take. This means they won’t simply remove the visible signs of the pests, and instead will work to treat the source of the problem.

Preventative Measures

To prevent these scary scenarios of pests turning your commercial property into their home, you can put preventative measures in place. You may have to implement new guidelines for activities like how you handle the trash, so you don’t inadvertently attract pests. A pest control expert can advise you on what’s necessary for your particular property.

Pest Control Maintenance Plans

Save money in the long term by avoiding preventable pest issues. Experts like the Dawson’s Australia team can create a maintenance plan for your specific property, helping you maintain a hygienic, pest-free environment with no product contamination.

Maintenance plans that include regular pest inspections, mean experts can identify issues before they become a larger problem like an infestation. This helps you manage the risks on your property.

Commercial Pest Inspections

Not sure if all is well on your property? Or do you want to make sure the new property you’re buying is pest-free? Pest control experts can do an audit and make sure on your behalf. They know exactly how to look for signs of pests and identify possible problems.


Pest Control—Saving You Time, Money, Effort… and Face

The smart business decision is to use pest control services BEFORE there’s a problem. To get your pest control sorted for 2022 and beyond, talk to the Dawson’s Australia experts on 03 9222 2266. We also offer disinfecting, sanitising and container fumigation services.


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