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Pest Prevention Tips

Pest Prevention Tips

Pest Prevention Tips from the Professionals

At Dawson’s Australia we help keep your family, home and business safe from pests, and we have a reputation for being a leading pest control company in Victoria!

Our professionally trained staff are always at the ready to help with your pesky pest problems – no matter the scale! You too can play a part in helping to protect your family from unwanted pests. Here are some simple tips and tricks for easy pest prevention.


Keep your home spick and span!

You might think that is an obvious tip for keeping your home pest free, but it’s with the simplest jobs that we can be most careless! 

  • Make sure all your food stuffs are tightly sealed – this won’t only fight against pests, but will also keep your food fresher
  • Keep the benches and floors clean, ensure that any spills are wiped up immediately using soap and water not just a rag.
  • Don’t leave piles of mess on floors – these are a perfect home for pests especially on bedroom floors or if food is left out for long periods
  • Clean under furniture regularly – this way you won’t find any nasty surprises lurking under your furniture!
  • Put items away after use – this one is a great lesson for the kids!
  • If you have pets keep them clean too – less opportunity for pests to get a free ride into your home and your pets will LOVE you for it!


Maintain your home

Keeping your home in good condition is important for a safe and healthy environment for your family. It also makes your house more welcoming for you and your family and less inviting for pests!

  • Seal up the house – all cracks, windows, floors and doors
  • Regularly check roofing and walls for any signs of decay – anything that could become a potential home for pests
  • Mow lawns and trim plants regularly
  • Avoid any build-up of clutter both inside and outside the home – keep a good distance between any wood piles, compost bins, etc. and your home

Learning and adhering to these simple tasks should save you from irritating infestations in your home. So share these neat tricks with your family, and fight the pest problem for good!

If your pest control problem is beyond the point of prevention, call the professionals at Dawson’s Australia, on (03) 9222 2266.