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How to Get Rid of Termites

how to get rid of termites

Dawson’s Termite Treatment Options to Existing Homes And Structures (Post-Construction)

Do you want to know how to get rid of termites? The first thing you should do is call the pest professionals. At Dawson’s Pest Control, we offer a full range of treatment methods that meet Australian standards using the latest techniques available. Every home or structure is different and therefore requires a customised approach to ensure that termites are controlled. We are sharing our process on how to get rid of termites in your homes and structures.

The first step is to have a full inspection carried out by one of our termite specialists. The inspection includes all accessible areas throughout the roof void area, underneath the home (unless there is a concrete slab) throughout all internal areas such as skirting boards, flooring, door frames and windows etc. We inspect externally up to 50 metres or to property boundaries.

Once the full inspection is complete and we know the extent of the infestation, we can then tailor the most effective treatment available to suit your home and budget. Usually, we will recommend a full treatment be carried out, as this will not only protect your home regarding the current infestation but also for years to come. However, we can also offer a range of spot or partial treatments, such as a dusting program.

We recommend using Termidor dust, which we introduce into the active termite workings. After the application of Termidor dust, the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies and eventually back to the nest.

It’s worth noting that undergoing a full termite treatment is the only way you can be sure that your home is protected now and in the future.

It is then recommended that a full inspection is carried out every 12 months at a minimum, to ensure that the treated zone has not been disturbed. Tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians and even telephone technicians installing underground lines can disturb the treated zone. As well as this, disturbances can be caused by tree roots or new garden beds, as these can act as an access point through the treated zone.

Dawson’s Termite Treatment Options to New Homes And Extensions (Pre-Construction)

Termite protection to new buildings and extensions are installed during the building stage. Most councils throughout Victoria will require Termite protection to be carried out as per Australian standards.

This standard is carried out in two stages: Stage 1 or Part A is the areas under the building and Stage 2 or Part B is around the external building. It will depend on the type of construction when the termite barrier is installed into the build.

The traditional option is to opt for a chemically treated barrier, which is applied in liquid form to areas under the building and to the external foundations of the home.

The most cost-effective option is to install a proactive physical termite barrier known as HomeGuard into the building. This is installed in the foundations of new buildings and extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of termites. Proven to be in place for the economic life of the structure, Homeguard has been successfully adopted into the market as it is built into the structure for life.

With all of our pre-construction treatments we can issue certificates for you to be able to receive your certificate of occupancy. In summation, Pre-Construction Termite Barriers are a thoroughly efficient and the most cost-effective way to ensure that your new home or extension is protected for years to come.

Why Choose Dawson’s Pest Control

Here at Dawson’s Pest Control Melbourne, we are the superior choice in a field of many pest control companies. With a celebrated service history spanning over half a century, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your pest control company is:

  • The most advanced, full-service pest control provider
  • Family owned and operated through three generations, maintaining strong, personalised customer service
  • All technicians are licensed and accredited
  • Quality, comprehensive termite inspections and treatments
  • Inspections and treatments that exceed Australian standards
  • We use the latest technology
  • Safe for family and pets

At Dawson’s Australia, we know how to get rid of termites and protect your property for years to come. Call us today on 03 9222 2266 and speak with one of our customer service team members to answer any questions about how to get rid of termites and guide you through what stages the pre-construction barriers need to be installed.


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