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How To Control Spiders In And Around Your Home

No one likes unwanted guests in their home, especially when they are creepy, hairy, and potentially dangerous. We are talking about spiders! 

The Australian landscape is packed with a variety of spider species, but when you begin to see them in and around your home this can become worrying for you, your family and your pets.

Those, sometimes not so little, eight-legged pests can cause us to jump and slightly panic when we find one crawling across the floor. 

Keeping our homes free of spiders can be a difficult task given they can fit through the smallest of cracks, under doors and even carried in by us.

Our Tips For Spider Control Around The Home

Dawson’s Australia are experts when it comes to spider control and treatment. Here are our tips for limiting the number of spiders in and around your home.

  1. Regularly checking for and removing spider webs from around your house and garden prevents spiders from lurking about and reproducing – don’t forget to check the outdoor furniture.
  2. Apply weather strips to your doors to help seal up any gaps. This will help deter spiders that may be gaining access via the gaps.
  3. Spiders love hiding in little nooks and crannies of clutter. Clean up unnecessary clutter and vacuum regularly to prevent spiders from moving in. Having a clean, uncluttered home gives spiders less appealing places to build their webs.
  4. Shake out all washing that has been hanging on the washing line outside, so that spiders aren’t making their way into your home on your fresh washing.
  5. Keep piles of wood, bags of soil and other debris in your garden to a minimum and store these as far as possible from your house.

Spider Pest Control From The Professionals

The most effective way to prevent spiders from entering your home, and to minimise numbers in your garden, is to organise for a professional pest control company – such as Dawson’s Australia – to come out and apply a treatment to your home. A professional spider pest control treatment is applied inside and outside of your home for maximum control.

If you are noticing an uncontrollable amount of spiders in your home, get in touch with the friendly team at Dawson’s Australia. We can answer any questions you may have about spider control and treatments in Melbourne. Call us now on (03) 9222 2266.


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