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How to Get Rid of a Wasps Nest Safely

Finding a wasp nest in your garden or near a doorway leading into your home can be intimidating. It’s normal for homeowners to stress, especially if the nest is full… Read more

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Like so many other places on the planet, the cockroach is a familiar yet unwelcomed summer pest, often seen scurrying around. Notorious for the diseases they spread it’s no wonder… Read more

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Rodent Control Laverton

Dawson's attends a rodent control issue on a Laverton property Dawson’s was engaged by a real estate company on behalf of the tenants of one of their properties. Our friendly… Read more

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Cockroach Control Southbank

Dawson's attends an apartment with a German Cockroach infestation in Southbank Dawson’s attended a vacant apartment in Southbank after the real-estate agents reported a cockroach infestation. Upon inspection, Dawson’s identified… Read more


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