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It only takes one pest to ruin your property and compromise your health. Unfortunately, pests like termites or even birds can create issues that are very costly to remedy. Are you aware of the damage to wood structures or the diseases these pests can bring about?

Having a look at our pest library shows the importance of taking action sooner rather than later. And Dawson’s Australia will know exactly what to do for the Melbourne pest control problems you’re facing.

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Leading Providers of Pest Control in Kilsyth

Dawson’s Australia is a company well known across town when it comes to Kilsyth pest control. With over 60 years of industry experience, you can be sure we know what we are doing.

Our clients often leave us positive reviews and all our work is backed by decades of experience. We ensure each of our team members is highly-trained and can deliver results that meet the highest Australian standards.

We service various industries and commercial properties. Whether you need help at a factory, school or hotel, you’ve found your go-to pest control provider.

We have an extensive list of commercial pest control services that businesses find helpful:

  • Sanitising spaces to remove bacteria
  • Transporting, inspecting and fumigating containers to help you manage your imported goods more effectively
  • Offering pest inspections, prevention plans and maintenance advice so that Kilsyth businesses find it easier to maintain sanitary, pest-free conditions

We help with these challenges and much more. Talk to our team about your needs and we’ll create the perfect solution.

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Kilsyth Pest Control Providers That Respect You and the Environment

It requires a fine balance to fight off living pests while still looking after the environment—and our clients. Thanks to innovations in the field of pest control, we can offer you services that utilise safe and biodegradable products, so they won’t harm the natural environment on your property.

We also understand your concern for your family, workers and pets on-site. This is why we use human- and pet-friendly products. That’s the benefit to you when working with leaders in the field. So, talk to the Kilsyth pest control provider that puts you first – Call Dawson’s Australia.

Pest Control Kilsyth

Kilsyth Pest Control Services

Kilsyth’s Experts in Pest Control–We Know the Business

Dawson’s Australia is proud of our reputation in the pest control industry and we’ve invested time and effort into building and protecting it. It’s based on our six decades of experience, but also our quality customer service.

In addition, the tools, resources and team members we use are the best you’ll find. Each pest control technician is trained and certified, ensuring you can expect job delivery that’s on par with Australian standards. This enables us to be licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind.

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Why Choose Dawson’s Australia


Your home is your most important asset – keep it protected! With over 60 years of experience in the industry, you’re in safe hands with Dawson’s Australia.


All treatments are carried out by professional, licensed pest services technicians. We always adhere to Australian standards and use only the highest quality products to ensure your pest problem is treated thoroughly.


Our professional pest technicians are trained not only to treat the pest problem but also to look at the root cause. They will take the time to understand your concerns and provide feedback and recommendations on how to minimise pests in and around the property.


All of our professionally trained and experienced technicians take the utmost care when carrying out treatment at your home or business and will work with your family to accommodate any needs.

We Offer Same Day Service to All Suburbs for All Pests


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