Borers are insects which can negatively affect timber. The larval (grub) stage tunnels through the timber causing damage. The first sign of a borer infestation is small pin holes in the timber, as this is the hole where the adult borer has emerged from the wood. The adult will only live for a short period of time. After mating the female will inject her eggs into the pores of the timber.

Once the female lays her eggs in the pores of the timbers, larvae feed upon starch and other nutrients in the sapwood. Some timbers where the sapwood has insufficient starch, or its pores are too narrow for the female’s ovipositor, should be immune to attack. However, conducive conditions such as high moisture and poor ventilation can open the pores of the timber and allow borer attack.

Borers are known to attack old furniture and structural timbers such as flooring, bearers and joists and roofing timbers.

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How to Tell If You Have a Borer Infestation

Anobium punctatum (Common furniture beetle)

These borers:

  • Attack furniture, structural timbers, flooring and decorative wood work.
  • Prefer old, well-seasoned timber, especially softwoods such as Baltic pine or New Zealand white pine.
  • Attack some hardwoods, especially blackwood and imported English oak.
  • Prefer cool, humid conditions

Lyctid borer (Powder post borer)

These borers:

  • Produce a very fine powdery dust, similar in consistency to talcum powder.
  • Attack the sapwood of certain hardwood timbers.
  • Cause serious structural weakening in timber that has a high sapwood content.

Borer Treatment Options

Our Borer treatment is applied to all accessible timber surfaces throughout the roof void and/or subfloor areas using a timber-saver Boric acid treatment. This treatment will kill the adult beetles as they emerge from the timber before they have an opportunity to mate and reinfest. Call the leaders in Pest Control in Melbourne for Borer treatment options.

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Borers FAQs

Effective elimination of wood borers involves identifying and treating affected wood. Professional pest control services like Dawson’s Australia often use specialised insecticides or fumigation methods to eradicate borers. Additionally, addressing and preventing moisture issues in wood can discourage infestations.
Borers are typically small beetles or larvae that bore into wood. Adult borers may resemble beetles, while larvae are worm-like in appearance. The specific appearance can vary depending on the type of borer species.
Getting rid of borers involves treating affected wood with appropriate insecticides. In severe cases, pest control may be necessary. Identifying and replacing infested wood, as well as addressing any wood moisture issues, are crucial steps in the process. Get in touch with Dawson’s Australia to discuss your requirements.
No, borers and termites are different. Borers are beetles or larvae that bore into wood, while termites are social insects that feed on cellulose found in wood. Both can cause damage, but the methods of prevention and treatment differ.
Preventing wood borer infestations involves maintaining proper wood moisture levels, sealing any cracks or crevices in wooden structures, and treating susceptible wood with protective coatings or insecticides. Regular inspections from the team at Dawson’s Australia can help identify and address early signs of infestation.
Signs of active borers include small exit holes in wood, sawdust-like frass around the holes, and weakened or damaged wood. Audible sounds, such as tapping or rustling, may also indicate borer activity. Professional pest inspections can provide accurate assessments. Give Dawson’s Australia a call today.

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