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Red Mask Spider

Sid Says

Sid Says


Hey there. You’ve found me – Sid the Spider. I’ve been hiding out for a while. You ask why I’m wearing this sneaky mask? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m hiding from Dawson’s Australia. That’s right…the only pest control company I actually fear!

Other pest control companies have tried to terminate me…but to no luck. A couple of people have even gotten suited up in rubber gloves, masks and chased me with those do it yourself pest control sprays and kits. Have you seen those? They’re a real joke!

When I hear the rumble of the Dawson’s pest mobile, the serious tone in their pest controller’s voices, or even just the name, it makes my furry little legs tremble, and sends me off to my secret hiding spot.

So until a Dawson’s technician can find me, I will just be hanging out in Sid’s Space – shhhhh don’t tell Dawson’s where I am!