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The Pests You Can Expect This Spring – Spiders, Ants & Bees

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Here come the springtime pests! As the Australian weather begins to warm up, pests that thrive in the warmer months will start to become more active. Want to know more about the types of pests you can expect this spring, and how to prevent them? Read on!

Although you might occasionally see them through the year, you’re about to see an increase in the prevalence of spiders, ants, bees and termites thanks to the incoming warm weather. These pests become more active during the warmer months as they breed a lot faster and their life-cycle increases during this time.

As we make our way out of another cold winter, there is no better time to get a jump on these pests by getting a preventative pest treatment. Getting your home or workplace treated for pests during spring is ideal as the treatment will continue to work well into summer when you might typically notice an abundance of pests.

Let’s look at some of the pests you can expect this spring.


Spiders can thrive in a number of different conditions, with some varieties being found indoors and others being found outdoors around the home. If you are noticing an increased presence of spiders inside your home, take precaution by thoroughly shaking out clothes before putting them on, checking bedding before bedtime, remove noticeable webs and fill-in any gaps, cracks or holes they could possibly be entering through.

Can you call pest control for spiders?

If you are noticing an uncontrollable amount of spiders in your home, get in touch with us. We can answer any questions you may have about spider control in Melbourne and arrange a spider control treatment suited to your situation. 


During the dryer, warmer season ants sometimes search indoors for water, as well as other attractive items such as sweet or greasy food. 

Here are our tips for preventing ant infestations:

  1. Clean up food and drink spills immediately.
  2. Rinse cans or bottles before putting them into the recycling bin.
  3. Keep food stored tightly.
  4. Pick up pets food at night and don’t feed them outdoors.
  5. Seal cracks around doors and windows, and keep gutters and downpipes clean.

Will pest control get rid of ants?

DIY ant pest control usually only kills the ants that you can see, but these pests live in colonies of thousands which means their nests can be quickly uprooted and relocated when threatened. 

For successful, long-term ant control you will need more than just a surface spray. At Dawson’s Australia, we use the latest products available for getting rid of ants including repellent, non-repellent liquid insecticide as well as insecticidal dusts, baits and granules. Call us today to talk about how to get rid of ants or book an ant treatment. 


Spring is considered to be one of the busiest periods for the bees. This is not only because they are restocking food for survival, but spring is also the season when new colonies emerge and established bee colonies re-emerge. Bees often nest in trees or wall cavities, but can also nest in compost bins and cavities. Bees are attracted to sugar and protein, so keep these securely inside to prevent bees (or wasps) being attracted to your home. 

What to do if you find a hive of bees (or wasps) in or around your home:

  1. DO NOT try to treat the problem yourself. This is very dangerous. Dawson’s have licensed, professional pest technicians that use personal protective equipment for bee removal to ensure they do not get stung.
  2. From a distance, identify the whereabouts of the nest. Keep your family and pets well away from this area until you have organised a professional to conduct bee removal.


Remember spring is the ideal time to get pest treatment for your home or workplace. Call the leaders in Melbourne pest control today on (03) 9222 2266 and speak with one of our customer service team members to answer any questions or arrange a specialised bee, ant or spider treatment.


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