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Wasp Removal in Coburg

European Wasp Nest Removal

The European wasp is an introduced species that has thrived in the Australian climate.

In Europe, the cold winters would ensure that only the new wasp queens would live on, but thanks to our warmer weather, the entire nest can survive and grow.

The European wasp is an increasing problem in Australia.

This insect likes to live around humans because of the ready supply of food and drink, particularly of the sweet varieties.

European Wasps are opportunistic when it comes to building their nest, they like dark, cool locations with the most desirable being as close to humans as possible.

One family in Coburg found the beginnings of a wasp nest in this thin gap in their outer wall. Normally European Wasp nests are round or football-shaped but there are always exceptions to the rule if the site is perfect.

The family contacted Dawson’s Australia, a local family-owned pest control company with over 60 years of experience, to treat and remove the nest; and on the recommendation of the technician, the homeowners sealed the gap to make sure other wasps couldn’t call it home.

Places you are most likely to find a wasp nest

In the ground

  • Any concealed site
  • Holes dug in the ground
  • Around the base of trees or along hedges
  • Within retaining walls
  • In rockeries
  • In rubbish heaps or under disused rubbish (for example old dog houses or pieces of furniture)
  • In an uncovered compost heap or grass clippings.

An example of an underground nest

Above the ground

  • In the roof
  • In the wall cavity
  • In sheltered parts of a building.

An example of a nest located indoors

Towards the end of the season, in Autumn, the worker wasps build larger cells in which the next generation of several hundred queens and males is reared. When fully developed, these individuals mate and fly off to start new nests. In Europe, the nest then disintegrates, but in Australia’s warm climate the nest can continue to grow over a number of seasons. This can result in giant and potentially dangerous nests of over 100,000 wasps.


Tips to discourage wasps

  • Do not leave fallen fruit or food scraps lying around the yard
  • Avoid leaving uneaten pet food or dog bones outside
  • Make sure rubbish bins have tight-fitting lids
  • Keep compost covered at all times
  • Keep swimming pools covered when not in use
  • Cover exposed food at picnics and barbeques
  • Don’t drink out of cans or bottles, use clear containers or a straw.

If located in or around your home, a wasp nest poses a serious danger to you and your family. Wasp nest removal should be organised immediately.

Don’t run the risk of being stung; ensure that you arrange professional wasp nest removal with Dawson’s Australia Pest Control as we are the experts.


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