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7 Notorious Pest Hideouts Every Homeowner Needs to be Aware of

Even when thoroughly cleaning your home, it can be easy to miss the nooks and crannies that pests love to inhabit. If you did a light spring clean this year, or even if you did a thorough one, it’s a good idea to regularly check certain spots for signs of pests or pest infestations. These are the 7 notorious pest hideouts that every homeowner needs to be aware of.


One of the easiest places for insects to access, the garage is a common hiding spot for these nasty pests. Garages often contain things like birdseed, pet food, and garbage – which all provide a great food source for pests and insects. Also, garages that are used for storage instead of parking are the most prone to bug infestations during the winter, as the pests seek out warm places to nest.


A number of insects and pests need to find a warm place to stay during the winter. Attics are another space that serve as a warm and cosy home for pests during the colder months. Vents and gaps along the roofline can give bugs easy access to the attic space.  If you suspect you have large pests in your attic it’s always best to call a professional exterminator, such as mice control services, rather than inspecting on your own.

Back of Pantry

Just like all other living creatures, insects need food and water. So naturally, it’s beneficial for them to find homes close to sustenance. The cool, dark confines of the stocked pantry attract a variety of insects that are looking for an easy meal, including cockroaches and ants.

Back of Cupboards

A prime hiding spot for insects and their larvae, the back of cupboards are close to food in the kitchen but tucked away out of sight. Check less-used cupboards, as this is where you will most likely find pests, insects or bugs.

Under Furniture

Another rarely checked area is under furniture, such as under couches, beds and beneath white goods such as your fridge and washing machine. This is also another popular winter hiding spot for pests, as it can hold the warmth they crave yet is out of sight. If you have carpet, the likelihood of insects hiding under the furniture is even higher.

Under the Kitchen or Bathroom Sinks

Containing both moisture and a water source, under the sinks of your bathroom or kitchen are ideal hiding spots for pests. As well as this, the piping that goes into the wall from the sink is also a hidden route into other areas of the home.


The gaps between your baseboards and the wall provide entry into your home for pests, so  check these areas regularly to see whether pests are using them as a doorway. As well as this, rodents have been known to chew holes in the baseboard in order to make their way around the home.

It’s crucial for the health and wellbeing of you, your family and your home that you regularly clean and inspect your house for pests. These 7 areas are the most commonly missed spots, so keep them in mind next time you’re doing a spring clean. If you do suspect you have a pest problem, don’t try to eradicate it yourself. It’s vital for your safety that you call the pest control Melbourne professionals in serious circumstances.


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