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Pest Control Ballarat

When you’re facing a pest problem you want it sorted fast and you want assurance it’s 100% dealt with. You don’t want any more sleepless nights listening to their sounds as they take over your home and destroy your assets. That’s why, when in need of pest control Ballarat residents contact Dawson’s Australia.

Our satisfied clients trust us because we’ve been in the business for over half a century, but we also know how important it is to move with the times. That’s why you’ll find the products we use are pet friendly and non-toxic so your family is safe even after we hunted down the pests.

So, how do we do it?

Fast, 360° Pest Control Ballarat Residents Can Trust

We understand you’ll notice something’s amiss, but perhaps you don’t know the specific nature of the problem. No need to worry—we’re experts in taking care of all types pest control:

  • Birds: Such as pigeons
  • Vermin: Including rats, mice and even possum
  • Bugs: Whether it’s termites, fleas or bees we can help

Our team can provide same day quotes so you can make a decision and swiftly take control of the situation. And yes, we have affordable rates to suit your budget.


We work swiftly and our staff members are highly trained so they can handle any situation that presents itself.

We Inspect

To optimise pest control Ballarat house owners need to stay one step ahead of the critters and prevent a small problem from escalating. We help you manage the situation by doing site inspections on a once off or regular basis. We know what to look for so we can identify termite or other infestations before they become a crisis. 

We Treat

When we do identify a problem we have all the tools and products to take care of it on your behalf. We make sure families, pets and the environment stay safe, because we use non-toxic substances. 

Our decades of experience empower us to do the job right the first time. Our expertise relates to all types of pest control so we’re your practical solution no matter the type of pest you face. From bed bugs to termites or rats, we can help. 

We don’t believe in repeat jobs. We remove pests permanently the first time so you can have peace of mind when we’re gone. 

We Prevent

There’s no reason you should face a pest problem time and time again. A part of our service to you is giving you sound advice on how to avoid the pest problem in future, maintaining the environment so it doesn’t attract the same or other pests again. This is a vital aspect of pest control so you can create a safe space for your family or staff. 

Many elements on your property can help or hinder pests—We help you regain control of the situation so pest control becomes an effortless task. 

You don’t have to face the problem any longer. We will face it and take care of it the right way.