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Case Study: The Importance of Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections in Melbourne

The Problem

Emily and her husband purchased their first home nine months ago without a pest inspection, they just wanted a place to call home. Little did they know their home was being attacked by Termites.

Emily noticed some discolouration on the laundry door frame, she then decided to see what was going on, and upon making a hole she discovered termites. This is when she decided to call in the professionals.



The Treatment Process

  • A Termite inspection was carried out on the home.
  • Termite workings were discovered in multiple locations throughout the home causing extensive damage to internal door and window frames.
  • Emily went ahead with two termite treatment options to tackle the infestation in her home.



The Solution

Unfortunately, the termite infestation had caused some damage to the home, however, in good news, the termite infestation has been eradicated and is no longer causing damage to the home.


Dawson’s Termite Inspection Service

At Dawson’s Australia, we offer a full detailed visual termite inspection that meets Australian standards using the latest tools and equipment, including a moisture metre and a microwave detection unit called a Termatrac. All inspections come with a comprehensive report including information related to areas conducive to termite attack and how best to correct the problems as well as details about all timber damage found.

Dawson’s Australia are The Pest Professionals no matter where you have a pest problem. Our team are ready to assist you wherever we’re needed.

Call the pest control professionals at Dawson’s Australia on (03) 9222 2266 or fill out our contact form online.



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