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How to Protect your Home From Pest Invasions this Winter

Winter in Australia can be a trying time as the weather intensifies, storm activity increases and our homes suffer from exposure to high winds and heavy rain. However, the treacherous weather is not the biggest concern for most Australian homeowners. Statistics show that pests such as rodents, termites and spiders are the biggest threat to homes and this becomes even more of an issue in the cold winter months.

As the temperatures drop, it’s more crucial than ever to protect your home from pest invasion. When the weather gets colder, these pests must find somewhere warm to hide out until summer rolls around again. Take the right precautions to ensure that your home is not where they choose for their winter getaway Dawson’s Pest Control Melbourne is here to help with these tips:

Tidy Your Garden

In the colder months, it might not be too appealing to be outside in your garden, but you should set aside some time for garden maintenance each week. You need to be sure that your garden is not attracting pests by checking for any fallen or broken branches. Dead wood attracts termites and bugs into your garden and eventually into your home so be sure to keep your garden tidy.

Keep Your Home Clean

Pests are drawn to cluttered, messy, untidy areas of your home. Keeping your home clean, tidy and uncluttered is a great way to deter any unwanted visitors. Pay special attention to garages, entranceways and porches, as these are an easy port of entry for pests. Consider doing your spring clean early and reap the benefits of a pest-free house all through winter.

Check All Doors and Windows

Doors and windows don’t just allow humans easy entry in and out of your home, but pests too. Doors are not airtight and it is relatively easy for pests to come in through the cracks undetected. Windows are also an easy entry point for bugs and insects. Consider weatherstripping your doors and windows to block any potential entry points. Weatherstripping will also regulate the temperature inside your home, making it cosier for you and your family when it’s cold outside.

Use All Your Rooms Regularly

During winter, we often gravitate to one or two rooms of the house where the heating is turned on. Guest bedrooms are often left empty and unused along with other areas of the house. Try and make use of these rooms during winter to stay on top of your pest control efforts. Make a point of checking drawers, cupboards and dark corners at least once a week to make sure there are no new residents inside.

Make Pest Control a Priority

When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to get lazy and not to get complacent about pest control. However, winter is the time of year when pests are most likely to get into your home and potentially cause damage. To keep your home free of spiders, rodent, termites and other pesky pests, remember to keep both your home and garden tidy and don’t leave any spaces in your home unused for long.


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