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How To Deal with Bug Bites or Stings This Summer

Summer is here with its warm weather, and everyone is out to enjoy it. You don’t want to spoil your summer with an infected bug bite or a sting that lands you in hospital. You have to be able to treat a bite quickly and recognise which ones are serious

The best solution is prevention, however, when there’s an abundance of pests, it may be time to call in a pest controller. Of course, even with pest control Melbourne locals can still encounter bugs and pests in the wild, whether on the beach or in town when a bee or wasp comes after your sweet cold drink. So, let’s discuss bug bites and stings and some of their treatments.


Common Bug Bite or Sting Side-Effects

There are many insects that may be the culprit of the new bite or sting you have received. Some common culprits that leave their mark include ants, bees, mosquitoes, and spiders.

Common signs of a bug bite or sting may include:

  • A circular area where the skin goes red at the site of the bite or sting.
  • The site may be painful, burn or itch terribly.
  • There may be some swelling.

If there is a great deal of pain and swelling, you feel unwell or the area starts discharging, this is cause for concern. You may have a bite from a more serious creature, or your bite may have become infected. These are signs that you should call triple zero (000) and seek immediate medical attention


Treatment of Minor Bites or Stings

For treatment, most of the time a cold pack will do the trick to ease some symptoms – simply put ice on the bite for 20 minutes. Alternatively, ask your pharmacist for an antihistamine cream – it is a very handy ointment to keep in the home. If applied immediately, it will give you time to ascertain whether the bite is more serious and/or give you enough time to get to the doctor before the discomfort and side effects become too serious.


When To See Seek Medical Attention for a Bite or Sting

There are some spiders and insects out there whose bites can have extreme (even fatal) consequences. In the case that anyone is bitten by a venomous spider or insect, you should call triple zero (000) to seek immediate medical assistance. Taking action early is vital, so learning how to identify the signs and symptoms of more deadly bites and stings is essential. For clarity, we’ll call the person who has been bitten ‘the patient’.

Firstly, be alert if the patient is exhibiting any of the following signs in addition to the redness and irritation:

  • Copious sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting

Take the patient to a hospital emergency room if you notice any of the following symptoms (or call triple zero (000) if immediate medical attention is required):

  • The swelling is severe
  • The patient starts having difficulty breathing; this could be an extreme allergic reaction, which requires hospitalisation
  • Small hairs stand on end
  • Muscles start twitching or become weak
  • The patient excretes excess saliva or tears
  • The patient becomes confused or disorientated, even unconscious
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headache

These may all be symptoms of more grave spider bites, such as the Funnel-Web, Mouse Spider, or Red-back Spider.


How to Treat Spider Bites

Funnel-Web or Mouse Spider Bite

  • Follow DRSABCD: Danger, Response, Send for Help, Airway, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation
  • Call for an ambulance on triple zero (000)
  • Have the patient lie down and keep absolutely still
  • If the bite is on a limb, place a tightly-wound, elasticated bandage, of about 10-15cm wide, over the bite
  • Apply another elasticated bandage on the limb, starting just above the fingers or toes, and moving upward. Move as far up the limb as you can. Use clothing or any clean material if you don’t have a bandage. Wrap the limb as firm as possible so that it is difficult to slide a finger underneath.
  • Immobilise the limb on a splint
  • Write down the time and position of the bite, if known.

Important: do not wash the venom off, as it may help identification.

How to Treat Red-back And Other Spider Bites

  • Wash the site of the bite with soap and water
  • Apply a cold pack for 15 minutes
  • Monitor for any severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention, and call triple zero (000) if needed.


Be Prepared This Summer

Bugs can be anywhere, so it’s best to be prepared in the case that you or someone else is bitten or stung this summer.

If you find that you are encountering a lot of pest problems, rather than continually treating the bites and stings, deal with the source of the problem by calling your local pest control experts. Contact Dawson’s Pest Control and you’ll get the best solutions. Our 60 years of experience provide you with an excellent source of advice and pest control solutions.

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