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Rodent Control Laverton

Dawson’s attends a rodent control issue on a Laverton property

Dawson’s was engaged by a real estate company on behalf of the tenants of one of their properties. Our friendly sales team booked an appointment and our technician arrived at the property at the organised time.

Upon investigation of the site, our technicians could see that there was a serious rodent issue in the works. It appeared that due to the cold weather, Norway Rats were entering the property via service penetrations beneath a sink inside the home. In this instance, the rats had actually caused extensive damage to the sink’s drain pipe. Rodent droppings were also present in the cupboard underneath the sink, in proximity to food storage and food prep surfaces.

Why is this a problem?

Not only can rats and mice cause severe property damage, but they are also carriers of a host of diseases that can put you and your family at risk. This is why it is so important to quickly identify and deal with a rodent issue, especially in areas such as the kitchen that require high levels of hygiene.

High Risk of Rodent Activity

The Laverton property itself was also placed in a position to be highly conducive to rodent activity. The property was located between a vacant house and an empty block where the gardens were quite overgrown, giving rodents plenty of cover to make their way into the property. In addition to the conducive conditions, our technician also notified the real estate agents of a number of rodent entry points.

Finding the entry points is an important part of any inspection as it can help to solve the root of the issue – the pests entering the property! While the rodent treatment that Dawson’s conducted will eliminate the existing rodents, the recommendations made by Dawson’s to secure the entry points are imperative in preventing re-infestation of the property.

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Professional Rodent Pest Control

There are a host of DIY rodent solutions, however, none are as effective as engaging a professional pest controller that can identify the problem areas and entry points, provide advice on solutions to prevent re-infestation, and also apply a tailored treatment to your property.

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