Pest Prevention Tips & Advice

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5 Signs of a Rat Infestation

For a rat, a human home is the perfect breeding place. It has the three things they require: food, shelter and water. They don’t only inhabit homes, either. They enjoy… Read more

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Brace Yourself, it’s Termite Season!

This is the time of the year subterranean termites foraging begins to increase all over Australia. Although termites forage all year round, their activity will increase with the warmer weather.… Read more

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Dealing with Ants and Spiders

It is one thing to come across the odd spider or ant in your home, but what happens if you suddenly become infested? Ants and spiders are a nuisance and… Read more

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Spring Pests in Season

Spring is here, along with a slew of new warmer weather pests! Want to know what types of pests are in season now, and how to prevent them? Read on! Spiders… Read more


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