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Top 3 Reasons You Should Call Bird Pest Control Immediately

If you have noticed a population of birds beginning to nest in unwanted places on your property, we suggest you look into bird management – also known as bird control – as soon as possible. Like other pests such as insects, rodents or possums, birds can be considered a pest when they are living uninvited under the same roof as you. 

Bird management is important for a range of reasons, below we will discuss three of the top reasons why you should call Dawson’s for bird control immediately.

3 Reasons You Should Call Bird Pest Control Immediately

1. Birds carry diseases and ectoparasites

Birds, droppings and their nesting materials can carry over 60 transmittable diseases and ectoparasites that can be passed on to other animals and humans. An ectoparasite is a parasite, such as a flea, that lives on the outside of the host (bird). These diseases and ectoparasites pose a serious threat to your health if you are exposed to them. 

This can become a concern in residential areas as many of the diseases are airborne and can easily be transferred via bird droppings. Even if dried up droppings are found in close vicinity to air handling units and systems, they can be carried through buildings and homes potentially infecting you and the occupants of your home or workplace.

Bird Mites are one of the most common mites found on a bird. They suck the blood from the birds and are barely visible to the eye, yet are extremely mobile. They typically come into contact with humans when birds gain access to roof cavities and begin constructing their nests. This often happens in early spring or summer, which means you should be extra vigilant and call a bird control professional if you notice birds nesting on your premise. For more information about Bird Mites, visit the Birds page in our Pest Library.

2. Contamination of production and warehouse inventory

Birds that are found nesting in warehouses can contaminate food production and inventory. Any amount of bird droppings can damage products and contaminate production lines, resulting in a loss of your valuable production time, clean up costs and even affect your reputation if soiled products are sent out. The discovery of bird droppings in restaurants, food manufacturing and packaging, storage facilities or other similar operations can also affect your HACCP and Food Safety auditing.

3. Property damage and cleanup of droppings can cost businesses (and homes) thousands of dollars

Regularly cleaning up bird droppings can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Bird droppings are extremely acidic in nature and can corrode and stain building materials. The same goes for any equipment or machinery that is exposed to bird droppings. 

Bird droppings are also generally unsightly and provide a poor image to potential customers and clients who see them. They can also be a slip and fall hazard when not cleaned up quickly, which on your business premise could become a costly liability.

If left unchecked, bird droppings and nesting materials can clog drains and block gutters. This can create a fire risk near lighting or other features, as well as creating the potential for flooding issues for roofs. These can become costly to fix, so it’s best to put preventative measures in place to deter birds, rather than act reactively to the damage they cause.

At Dawson’s Pest Control, the Bird control and management solutions we commonly use are:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Trapping
  • Bird Removal
  • Bird Control Agents
  • Bird Deterrents
  • Bird Wire
  • Shooting
  • Bird Slopes
  • Bird Tracks
  • Bird Proofing

The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an unwanted area; the harder it will be to get them to leave. It’s important to take a proactive approach when dealing with pest birds.

For the professionals in Bird Control – Call Dawson’s Pest Control Melbourne on (03) 9222 2266. We Offer Same Day Service to All Suburbs for All Pests.


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