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Businesses and residents in Malvern East have trusted Dawson’s Australia with their pest control needs for over 60 years. Malvern East locals have come to expect high-quality, certified pest control and prevention solutions no matter what the infestation.

Our experienced team of technicians are fully equipped, licensed and qualified to perform services for pest control in Malvern East. Dawson’s experienced pest controllers will make sure they completely understand all of your concerns and ensure that every pest treatment is carried out to the highest standards possible. With decades of experience behind us, you can be sure that you’re getting the safest and most effective pest control or prevention solution for your property.

Specialised Malvern Pest Control Services

Do you suspect a pest infestation on your property? Time to call your local Malvern East pest control professionals! 

A pest infestation on your property can lead to costly structural property damage, as well as expose you, your family or your employees to serious health risks. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us at Dawson’s Australia. Our proficient pest technicians will thoroughly assess any infestation on your Malvern East property and ensure that all precautions are taken when implementing pest treatments and prevention solutions.

Our pest prevention treatments and products are approved for safe use by the relevant Australian health authorities.

We choose to use high-quality products that are pest-specific and safe for use around humans and pets so that you know you are in safe hands when you call Dawson’s Australia for pest control in Malvern East.

In addition to providing outstanding home pest control services, we also provide services such as pest inspections that allow you to detect small pest problems before they grow into a costly issue. Pre-purchase pest inspections are highly suggested for new home buyers in Malvern East. We can provide detailed reports on whether your new investment is free from pests and any critical damage caused by pests so that you can purchase confidently.

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Professional Local Pest Control Malvern East

Dawson’s Australia are the experts in pest control in Malvern East. When you need detailed pest inspections and pest prevention or treatments on your Malvern East property, give our experienced team a call! We can provide an effective range of pest control solutions to treat infestations of all sizes and types. Some of our pest services include (but are not limited to); ant control, termite inspections and treatments, spider control, wasp and bee removal, bird control and rodent control. For more info on the types of pests we deal with, take a look at our pest library.

pest control malvern east

malvern east pest controllers

Commercial Pest Control Malvern

If you own a business, you can trust Dawson’s Australia to provide professional pest control services for Malvern East’s commercial businesses and properties. Pest infestations can lead to contamination and expensive business closures. They can also be damaging to the reputation, health and safety of your business. Don’t put your staff and customers at risk, call us today!

We can tailor a unique pest management program for your business or commercial property. Call Dawson’s for commercial pest control in Malvern East!

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Why Choose Dawson’s Australia


Your home is your most important asset – keep it protected! With over 60 years of experience in the industry, you’re in safe hands with Dawson’s Australia.


All treatments are carried out by professional, licensed pest services technicians. We always adhere to Australian standards and use only the highest quality products to ensure your pest problem is treated thoroughly.


Our professional pest technicians are trained not only to treat the pest problem but also to look at the root cause. They will take the time to understand your concerns and provide feedback and recommendations on how to minimise pests in and around the property.


All of our professionally trained and experienced technicians take the utmost care when carrying out treatment at your home or business and will work with your family to accommodate any needs.

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