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6 Tips for Reclaiming Your Attic From a Rodent Infestation

Pests are something we can’t bear to think about. When those pests are

rodents – well, that’s a whole new level of horror! You think it could never happen to your own home, and least of all your attic. But before you call your real estate agent or skip town entirely, take control and reclaim your attic by following these 6 rodent infestation tips.

1. Call Pest Control

When pests have invaded your home calling a professional pest control service should always be your first point of call.

There are times for rolling up your sleeves for a DIY job, but this is not one of those times. Failure to act quickly will give the rodents time to reproduce and you will feel less comfortable and clean in your own home. Before you have a pest team out, make sure you accurately confirm the rodent infestation so that you are not wasting your time or anyone else’s. In addition to removing the problem at hand, your pest team will actually leave behind certain measure which will reduce your chance of another infestation.

2. Identify the Culprit

Mice and rats and bugs – oh my! Unfortunately, when it comes to pest control it’s never a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Each pest is unique and as such, extermination strategies are unique so it is incredibly important to know if you are dealing with mice or rats so that we can correctly remove them. The best way to identify your pest is by studying their droppings . I’m sorry, but it is. Now we appreciate you can’t trade notes with friends, as rodent droppings is not a popular table topic, so do some research so you know what you are dealing with and can act or advise accordingly.

3. Remove Their Route

Owning a home is fantastic, but what no one talks about is all the pests that are plotting their entry into your happy place.

Once you have had the pest removal team out, have a walk around the house, a climb up the ladder and an audit of any holes or entry points could save you the next rodent outbreak. This doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise, you can temporarily patch up holes and entry points with plywood, hardening foam or even wood off-cuts. They had to get in somehow so find out where and make sure to rodent-proof it.

4. Trash to the Kerb

Keeping your trash as far from your house as possible is hardly a bad idea. Food scraps and food packaging are beckoning those rodents out of their hidey holes and into your attic.

Make a habit of keeping the bins an extra 20 metres away and there should be no reason for any pests to approach your home. It’s also an idea to start putting meat scraps into a separate plastic bag before you put in your kitchen bin, this will also minimise other bug pests in your kitchen.

5. Release the Pets

Ok, does anyone need an excuse to get a pet? No. But many people underestimate the role their pets play in pest control. Pets scare off pests , and the circle of life continues. Animal to animal, they are aware of each others presence and fortunately (..hopefully) your cat or dog is bigger and excited to take on an adversary. Make a habit of walking your pet around the attic every month or so to claim their territory and heed warning to any unwelcome residents.

Rodent infestations are just about as bad as it gets. Once your rodent control treatment has been effective, rodent proofing is your next step. Remember, mice and rats can get in through even the tiniest of openings so even if you think a rodent would never fit through that gap the likelihood is that they would so block it up!  Contact Dawson’s Australia today for the most effective and safest rodent solutions for you and your family


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