Pest Prevention Tips & Advice

How to Reduce the Prevalence of Pests This Autumn

Finding pests in your Melbourne home or business is never fun, and managing their presence is not either. Pest prevention and extermination is inconvenient to say the least. If you have methods in place to reduce the prevalence of insects and other pests, however, you can avoid complications before they become too big to handle.

Dawson’s Australia offers a variety of effective pest control techniques to residents and business owners all around Australia, and we can help you too. Not only can we help exterminate pests once they are already present, but we can also provide advice on how to reduce the prevalence of pests all year round.

Here are a few of our top tips for limiting pests in your Melbourne property during the autumn months:

Install Screens on Your Doors and Windows

This way, you can keep air flowing through your home without the possibility that insects or other creatures will come in to join you.

Make Sure Your Attic, Basement, Garage or Other Storage Spaces Are Dry and Well-ventilated

Many pests are attracted to dark, moist spaces. Trying to keep attics, basements and the like as dry as possible will limit the chances that they want to nest in these areas.

Ensure All Food and Drinks Are Stored and Sealed Properly

Any sugary foods and drinks (or even starchy foods that convert into simple sugars, like grains, cereals or alcohol) are points of attraction for most autumn pests, so seal them off to minimise your risk.

Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes Out

You may hate the mess, but insects love it. Don’t encourage them to come for your leftovers. Instead, clean and dry dishes and cooking materials straight away after use.

Keep Rubbish or Compost Bins Tightly Closed and Take Them out When Full

You should also clean all around your bins, as rotting produce, meat scraps and other common bin items are delicacies for sugar and protein-starved pests such as flies, cockroaches or ants.

Check Your Pipes for Leaks, and Keep Water Basins Clean and Dry

Because so many Australian pests are drawn to moisture, they will go where standing water is present. If you have constantly leaky or wet parts of your home, you may be more susceptible to attacks.

Regularly Vacuum and Dust Around Your House

If you find a spider web or nest of any sort within your property, it’s a sure sign that pests are present. For Spider Control reduce your likelihood of further infestation by keeping the area clean and free of dirt, dust and debris.

Seal Any Cracks or Crevices That Expose Your Home to the Outside World

Pests such as termites, house ants and other small beings are able to get through tight spaces easily. This means that you should pay extra attention to any open areas that they could get through.

Don’t Keep Firewood near Your House, and Be Sure to Check It for Pests

In the wet autumn season, bonfires and fireplace sessions are extra appealing, but the wood used for them is more likely to retain moisture and attract pests. Keep it far from your home so they’re not encouraged to make their way inside.

Put Pet Food Away When They Are Not Eating

Pests love pet food– perhaps even more than your own pet. Rather than keeping full pet bowls out, clean them once your animal is done eating and be sure to keep their food bags closed at all times.

If you have utilised these tips and are still finding pests in your domestic or commercial property, Dawson’s Pest Control Melbourne experienced team is here to help. We can rid your home or business of these pests straight away with our top-grade extermination methods.

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