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What attracts Wasps to Your Home

how to get rid of wasps

As a species, wasps are beneficial in that they deter other insects and help pollinate plants and flowers. That being said, they can be quite a nuisance and even a harm if they start to congregate near or in your Melbourne home. Wasps sting when aggravated, and they can cause distraction and disturbance when they form groups.

If a wasp decides that your residence has the qualities it needs to set up shop and build a nest, you may be in for trouble. Perhaps you are already experiencing a wasp infestation in your home, in which case Dawson’s Pest can help you get rid of these pesky intruders once and for all.

However, if you do not currently have a wasp problem but fear that this may become a reality, there are a number of useful preventative measures you can take. The first step is knowing what exactly attracts wasps to the home so that you can be conscious of what to avoid.

These are the top reasons why wasps may be inclined to live in or near your residence:

  • They can get in easily.
    If you have many open entry points in your home, wasps will be encouraged to come in. This does not only include doors and windows that are left open. Vents and even cracks in your foundation are sometimes enough for wasps to enter through and never leave.
  • They are attracted to your foliage.
    Anything bright and floral is an attracting feature for wasps. You shouldn’t have to overhaul your landscaping preferences just because wasps might like it, but you should be extra aware that the plants and flowers you use might put you at a greater risk of wasp infestation. Wearing bright colours or having them present in your home decor may also attract wasps.
  • You have food or drinks lying around.
    Wasps love anything sweet– especially open bottles of soda or juice, ripe fruit, desserts, jams or honeys, and similar items. They are also attracted to protein foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products, so be sure to keep rubbish bins tightly covered and properly dispose of cooking scraps.
  • You have open water sources.
    Living beings need water, and wasps are no exception. Running faucets, ponds or fountains, pools and other water features may attract wasps looking for hydration.
  • Your home has eaves or overhangs.
    Wasps typically build their nests in corners and areas that are well protected, so watch your indoor and outdoor ceiling corners for signs that a nest is emerging.
  • The wood in your home is weathered, or you have decaying wood somewhere near your property.
    Wasps use wood fibre to build their nests, so they will need a source somewhere near where they decide to build.

If you or your home exhibit any of these traits or characteristics, you may be at an increased risk of wasp infestation. Once wasps do begin to appear around your property, the problem has already escalated and will be more complicated to fix– especially if they have already built nests. It is most efficient to stop the problem before it begins by knowing the warning signs and points of attraction.

With that in mind, sometimes pests are inevitable in the home. When infestation occurs, you can trust Dawson’s Pest to handle the job immediately. We know exactly how to get rid of wasps  and keep them away. We have helped residents all around Melbourne rid their home of insects and other pests, and we can help you too.

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