Pest Prevention Tips & Advice

How to Determine When a Pest Problem Requires Expert Intervention

For homeowners, the trickiest aspect of pest control can be deciding when to ask for help. Every week, we get scores of phone calls and emails from worried customers, who are unsure if what they’re dealing with is a serious domestic infestation. The problem with things like bugs and rodents is that they breed at an alarming rate, so even a small number can very quickly turn into something much bigger.

So, we generally recommend that homeowners make a positive identification first. This is something that our experts can help you with. Then, if it is clear that there are termites, bed bugs, mice, ants, or other pests in the property, we can arrange an inspection and determine the extent of the issue. The key to successful, effective pest removal is communication, so we’ll talk you through the whole process.

Keep reading for more information and advice on some of the clearest signs of a serious pest problem. If you spot any of them, get in touch with our team right away.

Droppings in the Kitchen

Sometimes, a home (particularly if it is in an apartment complex) will see a furry guest turn up from time to time. This isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, as long as your guest is a mouse and not a rat. If it cannot reach any food, it is unlikely to make a permanent home in your property, but it is often tricky to prevent this from happening.

And, once a mouse has an assured food supply, it will become harder to get rid of. It may decide to build a nest and give birth behind your kitchen cupboards or somewhere between the walls. You really do want to avoid this, so if you spot lots of mouse droppings in your home, consider calling in a pest control service.

Dead Bugs on Windowsills

Some varieties of termite actually have wings, so homeowners with an infestation tend to spot lots of dead insects around the house. If you do have a major issue with flying termites, you’ll probably notice it quickly. There will be discarded wings, waste, and actual insect bodies in small piles around the property, particularly during the spring and summer.

It could be a good idea to keep an eye out for these things in the basement as well, because termites love damp and dark conditions. Look for small brown mounds of what appears to be dusty powder; this is a clear indication that there are termites in the area. The first step, after calling our experts for help, is to clear away any mess, clutter, and detritus.

Unpleasant or Odd Odours

In some cases, major infestations create strange smells. For instance, large numbers of bed bugs may produce a sickly sweet chemical odour. This has been described in various ways; as being like rotten fruit or a musty, oily smell. Rodents too can create a musty odour, so keep your nose out for this if you suspect that there may be a mice running around the property.

Generally, if an odour is new and increasingly pervasive, it probably does signal the presence of unwanted guests. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry, so don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. Our expert team can discuss the situation over the phone first and try and diagnose the issue from the information that you provide.

Why Pest Control Doesn’t have to be a Dirty Word

The thing to remember about pests is that most don’t discriminate when it comes to picking a home for invasion. The vast majority of domestic critters are just as common in clean houses as they are dirty ones; the only difference is that neat and tidy properties are easier to treat and protect. If you suspect that you might have an infestation, don’t let inaccurate misconceptions stop you from dealing with the issue right away.


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