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Dawson’s discovers a large termite sub-nest in a Sunshine home

Whilst conducting a comprehensive termite inspection on a residence in Sunshine, the Dawson’s Australia technician found very clear signs of a termite infestation. The full extent of the infestation was uncovered when our technician discovered an extensive termite sub-nest located in an internal wall of the property.

Unfortunately for the client, this discovery revealed a large number of damages to their home caused by the destructive pests, which would result in some costly repairs.

Full termite treatment

The Dawson’s Australia team conducted a full termite treatment on the property, which would see the termites eradicated from the property.

In addition to the termite treatment, the team also saw to the removal of ten garbage bags worth of termite mud from the internal wall cavity. The mud is placed there by the termites to patch up holes they have created by eating the wood and to create small tunnels for them to travel through when they are not underground or inside of wood.

Most of the noggins and studs within the wall they had been nesting in had been completely eaten away and had to be replaced, with minor damage to ceiling joists.

Due to the large amount of termite mud, excess moisture was causing the kitchen cabinetry to partially rot and reducing the air quality.

Inspection of the subflooring on the property revealed that one of the stumps had been entirely covered in termite workings, a process that would have taken years, showing the importance of regular termite inspections.

Dawson’s Termite Inspection Service

Dawson’s Australia offers a comprehensive visual termite inspection in accordance with Australian standards. We utilise the latest inspection tools and equipment, including a moisture metre and a Termatrac microwave detection unit. All inspections include a detailed report including information related to areas conducive to termite attack and how best to correct the problems as well as details about all timber damage found.

Our accredited termite inspection take between 2 and 4 hours to carry out. We then have a full understanding and can explain to you the full extent of the infestation and customise the most effective termite treatment to suit your home and your budget.

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