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3 Common Household Pests that Could Be Living in Your Roof

Have you recently started hearing peculiar noises coming from the ceiling or attic of your home? Noises that sound like hissing, scratching or little feet stomping around? Do these noises seem more prevalent at night?

Relax, your house isn’t haunted. While the sounds can be quite disturbing if you don’t know what they are, there’s a pretty common explanation for them. The reality is you’re most likely dealing with a little rodent or bird family that have moved into the space above your home.


Why Are Pests in the Roof a Problem?

Unless they cause serious damage, many people are unbothered by possums or birds in their roof cavities. Rats on the other hand tend to chew through wires and insulation which can cause serious damage.

Possums and rats carry diseases that can spread to humans and pets. Harmful bacteria are spread through their droppings. This happens when contaminated roof dust flies around when they’re scampering around up in the roof.


Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are the most notorious pests found in roof cavities. They are easily identifiable by their nightly activities of scratching, squeaking, chattering and gnawing. Since they’re moody little creatures, the noises can often be loud and quite annoying!

Other than the nightly noises, there are a few other tell-tale signs that you have a rat or mouse problem. Some of the common signs that the Dawson’s experts look out for include:

  • Droppings in food cupboards or drawers
  • Musty odours caused by rodent urine
  • Gnawing marks on cables, water pipes or other conduits
  • Burrows along walls, fences or under patios or woodpiles

How Do Dawson’s Get Rid of Rats and Mice?

The Dawson’s Australia experts take rodent control very seriously. We will identify the type of rodent problem and the ways in which they are entering your property and then apply our exclusive treatment where necessary.

We will treat your home using our exclusive Rodent Treatment method. Our exclusive rodent treatment is a multi-dose bait in a powder form which we apply at rodent entry points and harbourage areas, such as:

  • roof void and eave line
  • external wall cavities
  • subfloor area (unless your home is on a concrete slab)
  • internal harbourage areas
  • burrows

The powder treatment is method safe for your family, children and pets, as opposed to traditional baiting systems where there is a greater risk of secondary poisoning. Secondary poisonings can occur when your pets consume dead rodents affected by the single feed bait or if the rodents chew part of the bait off to take it back to the nest to feed the young, they may be startled by your pet or a bird and drop the bait in an area accessible to your children and pets.

We offer a 6-month warranty on all our rodent pest control services, so you no longer have to worry about how to get rid of mice and rats.



Birds, like rats and mice primarily move into homes because they’re seeking shelter from the elements and predators. Two of the most common birds considered pests in Australia are Indian Mynas and pigeons. The real reasons homeowners consider them to be pests have to do with their droppings defacing properties as well as the number of diseases they spread.

In addition to the messes (and noises) they make, pigeons and Indian Mynas are also a pest to other native nesting animals such as the Australian Noisy Miner. Mynas often drive Miners from their nests.

How Do Dawson’s Get Rid of Birds in Your Roof?

Some birds that move into your home’s roof cavity could be native to the region or may even be endangered. That means their removal needs to be handled by qualified experts well versed in the regulations relating to those particular birds.

The good news is the experts at Dawson’s are both qualified and trusted professionals who can safely remove and relocate bothersome birds. Some of the bird pest control solutions on offer for your residential or commercial property are:

  • Bird netting
  • Metal flashing
  • Gutter guard
  • Putting up bird deterrents
  • Bird removal
  • Bird proofing



Another fury creature that could be nesting in your residential or commercial roof could be a lost possum. These furry little pests are a beautiful part of Australia’s fauna and Dawson’s consider them to play a crucial part in the Australian ecosystem.

Still, despite their cute and cuddly looks, they can be considered a nuisance. Fortunately, the Dawson’s Australia experts have the skills to remove and relocate them in accordance with the state regulations.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Roof

Dawson’s Australia possum control methods are both humane and effective:

We look at how they are entering your home and put a plan together to proof and exclude them from re-entering your home. We can also carry out a trapping program however they will need to be released within 50 metres of your home that is why the proofing and exclusion is so important.

If you suspect you have rats, mice, birds or even possums living in your roof, it’s wise to call Dawson’s Australia experts at the first sign of trouble. We offer same-day services to all suburbs for all pests and it’s as simple as calling us on (03) 9222 2266 for a QUOTE!


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